Saturday, April 29, 2006

Make Paper Space view Black and White !

Thanks to CADDIGEST for posting this tutorial !

I remember way back when there was a way to make your paper space view look monochrome, black and white or more like the plot preview. Somewhere along the line I upgraded my software and seemed to have lost just exactly how this is done. Occasioanlly I would spend a couple minutes looking around but could never get it back.

Well I finally figured it out, again and thought there must be others in the same position !

The trick is you MUST to go through the Page Setup Manager dialog box then into a particuar page setup. If you go straight into the plot dialog box the option is not available. Yet another reason to always use the page seup manager

The check box in question is in the upper right side and it's called "Display Plot Styles" ?? Ok. I suspect most people either don't know what the option does or they don't even see it.

Either way I prefer to set this option 'On'. See the images above and below.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

'AUGI Training Program' announces new FAST TRACK

The 'ATP' has announced it's new 'Fast Track' online training program for the busy worker. One topic, one week...One happy camper.
Just learn it. ATP Fast Track

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Grip Tricks Tutorial

Even experienced AutoCAD uses may not know all the things you can do with grips.

These two tutorials explain it all.

Hard copy PDF Grip Tricks - PDF

Video CADCLIP Grip Tricks - Video

(right click and 'save target as..' to download the files)

Suggest an AutoCAD Tutorial

Please feel free to suggest an AutoCAD related tutorial by using the comments link below or email me.

3 more Video CADCLIP Tutorials

Below are 3 links to more free video tutorials.

Right click ANY tutorial link and 'save target as..' to download the files.

Use Fields and Tables to Calc. Areas
Intro to Autolisp With Color Tricks
Dynamic Blocks – Stretch

Miss out on the New Features of ACAD 2004 / 2005 ?

Well, AutoCAD 2007 is out and maybe things are moving too fast for you to keep up?
Below are links to Video Tutorials on the New Features that came with AutoCAD 2004 and 2005.
Many features get added but who has the time to read up on it?
Now you don't have to. Sit back and watch.
The 'Sheet Set' features are a MUST KNOW and it's all explained below. Enjoy!

Right click ANY tutorial link and 'save target as..' to download the files.

AutoCAD 2005
Lesson 1: Sheet Set Overview
Lesson 2: Sheet Set Wizard
Lesson 3: Sheet Sets - Resource Files and Views
Lesson 4: Viewports, Callout Bubbles, and View Adjustments
Lesson 5: Sheet Sets - Select Selections, Archive, eTransmit, and Publish
Lesson 6: Sheet Sets - Lists and General Summary
Lesson 7: Tool Palettes

AutoCAD 2004
Lesson 1: Installation and Interface
Lesson 2: Tool Palettes and Design Center
Lesson 3: Mtext, Purge and Attribute Extraction
Lesson 4: Publish, Express Viewer and ETransmit
Lesson 5: CAD Standards and Style Toolbar
Lesson 6: Xref, Reference Manager, Xopen, Refedit, CTRL 0,1,2,3
Lesson 7: Presentation graphics, True Color, Gradient Fills, Shaded Viewports and Draworder
Lesson 8: Express Tools, Revcloud, undo / redo, Associate Dims, Pedit
Lesson 9: Password Protection and Digital Signatures

5 Free AutoCAD 2006 Dynamic Blocks Video Tutorials

Dynamic blocks allow you to creat one block that has many built in variations and great flexability.
You can Grip Dynamic blocks and stretch them without exploding or redefining.
You can have one single block that can display as a tree or a car or a bolt or a north arrow or what ever you want.
If you are not creating and using dynamic blocks you are working too hard!
Go through the 5 Video Tutorials below and you too will be part of the new technology of Dynamic Blocks.

Right click ANY tutorial link and 'save target as..' to download the files.

Lesson 1: Overview
Lesson 2: Stretch - Array - Align – Flip
Lesson 3: Point Parameter - Stretch - Rotate – Flip
Lesson 4: Lists - Lookup Parameters – Lookup Actions – Rotate
Lesson 5: Visibility Parameters – Linear Parameter – Scale Action

17 Free AutoCAD Level 1 Training Videos

Did you know that you can get AutoCAD training completely free and never leave your seat !
Just go through the Video Tutorials at the links below and you'll be rock'n..

Right click ANY tutorial link and 'save target as..' to download the files.

Lesson 1: Introduction and Concept
Lesson 2: Drawing Setup and Scale Factor
Lesson 3: Layers and Linetypes
Lesson 4: Draw Model Objects
Lesson 5: Lab 1a Floor Plans
Lesson 6: Snap, Grid, Object Snaps, Object Snap Tracking, Polar Tracking, Coordinates, Flip Screen and Help
Lesson 7: Annotation Fundamentals (annotation vs model objects)
Lesson 8: Selection Sets (window, crossing, fence, previous, add, remove...)
Lesson 9: Editing (copy, move, erase, rotate, scale, stretch, mirror, extend, trim)
Lesson 10: Editing 2 (pedit, fillet, chamfer, offset. array, break, explode)
Lesson 11: Palettes, Toolbars and Menus
Lesson 12: Managing Views
Lesson 13: All about grips
Lesson 14: Placing Text, MText and using the Help menu
Lesson 15: Placing Dimensions and Leaders
Lesson 16: Cross Hatching and Color solid fills
Lesson 17: Setup a Printer and all the Plot settings

Saturday, April 15, 2006

AutoCAD Training

Stay tuned for all kinds of AutoCAD related Training information.