Saturday, December 30, 2006

New AutoCAD 2007 3D CADclips

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Thanks to Shaan Hurley for posting these CADclips on his blog.

Thanks to for posting these CADclips on their site.

And a very BIG 'THANKS' to Autodesk for making 3D so easy to use !
In my personal opinion "AutoCAD 3D is now a Trainers dream".

Below are 32 hot new CADclips to help you easily learn all the cool AutoCAD 2007 3D Tricks.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

DWG TrueView and TrueConvert

Did you know that Autodesk released two great, free applications to view and plot DWG files as well as to Convert DWGs from version to version ! Formats available from R14 to 2007.

DWG TrueView and DWG TrueConvert

* There is a bug when using cut and paste after using TrueConvert and here is the fix. TrueConvert Fix (copy a new acdb17.dll file over)

* Also, at the bottom of that same hotfix page is a utility to find effected files that have been converted.

TrueView Zooming issue:
When you were zooming out in DWG TrueView, you reached a point where you could not zoom out any farther. In the status bar, you saw the following message:
Already zoomed out as far as possible.
To zoom out farther, switch between the Layout and Model tabs once to force a regeneration of the drawing.