Tuesday, November 13, 2007

AutoCAD Short Cut Commands with ACAD.PGP

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Above is a 15 minute video explaining all about how you can create and maintain AutoCAD short cut commands by editing the acad.pgp file in two different ways.
Creating command shortcuts goes back to using AutoCAD from the very beginning. It let's you access commands very quickly by typing in one or two characters and then hit 'enter'.
L for Line
M for Move or MM for Move
C for Copy
CI for Circle
MI for Mirror
E for Erase
X for Extend
EX for Explode
T for Trim
D for Dist
R for Rotate
etc..etc.....what ever you want...
You can use the old fashion method (my favorite) by editing the acad.pgp file directly with 'notepad' or you can use the Express Tools Command Alias Editor.
Either way once you get your short cut commands in order you won't be able to live without them.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Check out Ellen Finkelstein's AutoCAD and Powerpoint Tips

If you don't already subscribe to Ellen's RRS feed or Tip of the month perhaps you should. Click the logo below to go to her site.

Ellen has an ocean of information, all well organized and easy to navigate on her web page. If you want to read more off line she has published several great books including the famous 'AutoCAD Bible' for AutoCAD and LT.

Ellen has free tutorials and some discussion outakes you may find useful. But it's not all AutoCAD. You can also elevate your Powerpoint skills to a new level. Most people can create a basic powerpoint with text and images but there is a ton more under the hood that Ellen can teach you.

Have a look and have fun !