Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Suggest an AutoCAD Tutorial

Please feel free to suggest an AutoCAD related tutorial by using the comments link below or email me.

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Rob W said...

I would be willing to bet a lesson on the changes autoCAD has made regarding customizing the toolbars ect. would go over big for those of us hold outs who just made the jump to 2006 or newer. I have spent hrs trying to figure out the changes and still need more time.(Not sure why they made these changes, If it ant broke don't fix it is my motto!!!!!!!)

BTW, I completed your autoCAD Videos and then purchased the remainder of the series. Let me just say, WHAT A GREAT DEAL!!!!!THX. I would sit here and tell you that you could charge more and that they are worth much more than you are asking. However; I am sure you have herd this time and time again so I wont, LOL.

I am going to start the 3D lessons next Thx Again