Thursday, September 14, 2006

From AutoCAD to SKetchUp to AVI in 90 minutes

You may have to click and hold the play button to play the clip.

I know. It's corny, but it's amazing what you can do in a few minutes.

Well I am a little late getting on the SketchUp band wagon but since I heard it works so well with AutoCAD solids I had to try it out.

Two words > BLOWN AWAY.

I am a great 3D guy from way back and quite enjoying all the ammenities that AutoCAD 2007 offers for 3D. Then to top it off I can instantly import my DWG solid models into SketchUp.

Once in SketchUp (download for free) I add the trees, benches, people, background buildings and then create a fly by annimation.

Up to that point I was just playing around but now I have actually come up with a use for it.

I created this cheesy video below as a sample to a client but I think that it's usable !

I went from AutoCAD solids, to SketchUp and created this video all inside of about 90 minutes.

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