Thursday, January 18, 2007

Online Training is Rising Up !

I think the traditional 3 - 5 day CAD class has had it's day and run it's course. I believe that method of delivering CAD training is going to change. Sorry, it just had to happen. I cannot deny that I have made a good living so far by delivering CAD training in this traditional 3 day method....but times are'a chang'n.

As a CAD trainer of 15+ years I can say that the optimum session length of CAD training should not exceed 2.5 hours. Unfortunately the 2.5 hour method has not fit in to the business model of most Traditional Training Centers. It's just better for everyone to deliver the training in 8 hour days. This method of training delivery was the best option up until now.

The fact is that with the use of slick products like GoToMeeting and Citrix technology you are no longer restricted to be trained by the local trainer, reseller or evening instructor in their classroom. Nor do you have to sit and try to learn with 10....20....30 other people who are in a different head space than you. You can get custom training made just for you, your people and your interests.

You now have a superior alternative. You can sit at your desk and interact live with a remote trainer. LEARN FAST. You don't even need to have the software on your computer for training or practice lab time. How about the idea of an 'on the spot' or 'unscheduled' review ! No problem. See you in five . . .

What a good trainer can explain in 10 minutes may take you hours upon hours to figure out (if ever). I KNOW (..Monica voice off of Friends..). I've spent 1000's of hours over many years. ie: It probably took me a year to fully understand Paper Space. Now I can teach it in 15 minutes !

* No extra cost for additional attendees so form a small group and share the cost between yourselves.

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