Tuesday, April 25, 2006

5 Free AutoCAD 2006 Dynamic Blocks Video Tutorials

Dynamic blocks allow you to creat one block that has many built in variations and great flexability.
You can Grip Dynamic blocks and stretch them without exploding or redefining.
You can have one single block that can display as a tree or a car or a bolt or a north arrow or what ever you want.
If you are not creating and using dynamic blocks you are working too hard!
Go through the 5 Video Tutorials below and you too will be part of the new technology of Dynamic Blocks.

Right click ANY tutorial link and 'save target as..' to download the files.

Lesson 1: Overview
Lesson 2: Stretch - Array - Align – Flip
Lesson 3: Point Parameter - Stretch - Rotate – Flip
Lesson 4: Lists - Lookup Parameters – Lookup Actions – Rotate
Lesson 5: Visibility Parameters – Linear Parameter – Scale Action


Lindy said...

What an incredible resource! Thanks so much for taking the time!

Daryl said...

You are welcome Lindy.

Giti Mahdavi said...

It is fantastic. You are the best teacher I have ever had. Steps you used to explain are very well thought out and clear.
Thank you so much.

Mike said...

This is great! Can you make dynamic blocks with the electrial features. The dynamic block works for terminal blocks multipuls, however I would like it, if it would also allow attributing the attributes for the terminals and wire connections.
Can this be done?