Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dimensioning your 3D objects in AutoCAD 2007

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Thanks to Shaan Hurley for posting these CADclips on his blog.

Thanks to for posting these CADclips on their site.

Ok, so I have given you 32 lessons on all the awesome new AutoCAD 2007 3D tools but how do you dimension the model you ask?

Well there's a couple approaches you can use.

a) You can use associative dimensions to dimension the 3D objects in ModelSpace and use Layers to manage the dimension visibility.

b) You can use associative dimensions to dimension the 3D objects in PaperSpace. This is probably autodesks intended method.

c) If all else fails you use the cool 'Flatshot' or 'bpoly' tools to create 2d representations of your 3D model and dimension those objects.

Here's 5 great CADclips to show you how it's done.

Enjoy !

1. AutoCAD 2007 3D - UCS and View Review (13 min)
2. AutoCAD 2007 3D - PaperSpace and Viewports Review (16 min)
3. AutoCAD 2007 3D - Dimensions Option 1 ModelSpace (17 min)
4. AutoCAD 2007 3D - Dimensions Option 2 PaperSpace (19 min)
5. AutoCAD 2007 3D - Dimension Using FlatShot and Bpoly (18 min)

My little girl 'Ivy' is Jumping with Joy over these new CADclips !


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Ron said...

I am new to Autocad ...great learning videos on paper and model space dimensioning. Well done. However when dimensioning in paperspace space, I still encounter disassociation of the dimensions in paperspace and the model when I pan or zoom xp (I have no zoom wheel control on my mouse)from the active viewport. Zoom all or extents or zoom xp still does not correct the problem ( Acad 2004 and 2008). The only fix I seem to have found was In the Dimension style > FIT tab (scale for dimension features), the setting should be (Scale Dimensions to Layout). What is the impact on the final scale accuracy on paper..I don't know.

Thanks Roncarioca

Ron said...

addendum: This erratic behaviour is more prevalent when tolerances have been added to the dimensions.

subodh bhargav said...

Thanks for that !!!!!!!