Tuesday, February 13, 2007

AutoCAD 2008 New Features and More !

Well it looks like AutoCAD 2008 is coming 03/23/2007 .
The Annotation Release - Thank you Autodesk !

Here's the Poop.

AutoCAD 2008 Features and Benifits
AutoCAD 2008 Q and A
AutoCAD 2008 Preview
AutoCAD 2008 Release Comparison Matrix

Ralph Grabowski's - WorldCAD Access Blog
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I'll go out on a limb and say "Everybody's favorite" new feature will be the 'Annotation Object' and it's 'Scale' control apsects.

In a nut shell this means that if you > Change the new 'Annotation Scale' or 'Viewport Scale' the annotations update. Yeah !

Finally !! You can now associate a scale and viewport scale to an annotation object.

This is HUGE !

This gives you individual viewport control over annotations with respect to the scale !

You can also specify a range of scales per annotation so the annotaion will or will not appear at different scales.

A few more of my favorite features are:

Layer Control per viewport.
Dimension 'break' extension lines at crossings.

Completely developed using VS.NET
Uses the Search, Thumbnail, and properties features of Vista
Integrates completely with Office 2007 and MS Excel !!
Embraces the new Direct3D
koff standard


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